Need Help, Feel Pressured, and Want a Coach? Then Participating in our Territory Reservation Program May be the Answer.

As a potential Click IT Franchisee, reserving a territory can provide you with multiple advantages as you navigate the franchise selection process.

By reserving a territory, you can secure your place in line and ensure that another candidate won't take the specific area you're interested in purchasing. This exclusive option is only available to franchise candidates on an invitation basis, and it allows you to move through the selection process without worrying about external pressures.

Moreover, reserving a territory signals to us at Click IT that you're a serious candidate committed to the process. By reserving a territory, you enable us to start planning and allocating resources for essential tasks such as location selection, demographic studies, funding, marketing, and business planning.

Business Coach for Planning, Staying on Track, and Focused

Once you reach level 3 in our Franchise Candidate Program, you'll have access to our Members Portal, which provides you with a guide and plenty of information. It is self-directed. But if invited and you reserve your territory, we will assign you a business coach who schedules weekly meetings and ensures that you stay on track and focused. Having a reserved territory is a prerequisite for accessing this valuable resource.

With a territory reservation, we work with you, one-on-one, to guide you through each tasked process step. Our team assists you in research and analysis, from conducting demographic studies to identifying funding options.

A territory reservation extends the time you have to complete these necessary steps without the risk of losing the opportunity to locate a Click IT store in your chosen area. We explore a wide area surrounding your selected location to find the best property in which to house a Click IT store.

By reserving a territory, you also benefit from a coordinated and systematic approach to these processes. We work closely with you to ensure that all fronts are moving in the right direction. With a reserved territory, we reserve all our resources to help you complete the tasks ahead, from funding to business planning, demographic studies, and location search and selection.

So, if you're looking to become a Click IT Franchisee, reserving a territory is the best way to secure your desired location and help you move through the selection process with confidence and support.

Please note that you must be invited to participate in this territory reservation program, and we reserve the right to withdraw any invitation at any time. 

Only LEVEL 3 Members are allowed access to the rest of the information provided on this page below. If you see nothing further in the information or links below this notice, please finish the enrollment requirements to get granted the access level required.