Lehi, Utah

Based on

Lehi (UPS Store location):
770 E Main St, Lehi, UT 84043

Demographic Study

  1. Utah County Demographic Study


Proposed Protected Territory

The map below shows a radius of 2 miles around the proposed location address inside the proposed protected territory.

Use this Map to Gauge Prospective Customers in this Territory

Using this interactive map is a quick and easy way to gauge prospective Click IT customers inside this area. Click on a category in the left column of the map to see what establishments in that category are within 2 miles of the proposed franchise location. Icons will appear on the map, indicating their locations. Revealed below will also be a list of all those businesses. Click "More" beside each listing to reveal more information about this establishment, such as the distance from the proposed franchise location. Be sure to scroll down the left-hand column to reveal all the categories. When more than 20 are found, a "More" link will appear beside the count indicating more than 20 for this category. Click this More link to reveal more businesses in that chosen category, which will open in a separate tab in Google Maps. To download an Excel file of the list, which includes the addresses and phone numbers, use the Download button. In this way, you can create a comprehensive list of all the businesses close to the proposed location.

CLICK Here to watch a video to learn more about using this mapping tool. We provide all sorts of help and prospecting tools to our franchisees at https://clickitprospector.com.

Note Regarding Territory Awards: To calculate a territory cost that is larger than the 5 miles typically awarded, we use a cost calculator to adjust the franchise fee according to the business and resident population. See https://clickitgroup.com/territory-cost-calculation/.

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"Foot-In-The-Door" Example

This Picture Indicates that there is No Google-My-Business Listing

This Picture Indicates that there is No Google-My-Business Listing.

A broken picture indicate that this Google listing is not monitored or maintained.

A broken picture indicates that this listing is not monitored or maintained.

Establishments in the listings with broken images or ones with a big red X through it indicate an opportunity to introduce Click IT services to these establishments, which are missing out on getting traffic from the Internet. See the Google-My-Business listing service to learn more; which is just one of the services a Click IT Store provides and can be used as a lost leader in earning new customers. Learn more at https://clickitprospector.com.


Under the Shopping category, click on Electronics Store to get a listing of potential competitors near this location.

While it's important to be aware of them, don't fear the competition. Click here to learn why.