Proprietary Discovery Process

Our Franchisee Candidate Information Booklet, intended to answer most of your questions about our business and the Click IT franchise opportunity, is available online here:
After reading this, your next step is to complete our Request for Consideration; which is a form also available to easily fill out and submit online. Go to:
Upon receipt of your completed application, our Executive Committee will then review your information, and if accepted, you will be invited to participate in our Proprietary Discovery Process, which involves several steps. These steps move you through the approval process and are the means by which we grant franchisees their Click IT franchises.


1. CONCEPT COMPATIBILITY - We seek “concept compatibility” and want to assure that Click IT matches your interests and personality traits. This will likely involve a simple phone conversation with a Click IT representative.
2. MUTUAL EXPECTATIONS - Secondly, we establish mutual expectations, during which we review what you may expect from us and what we will expect from you. This likely will involve sharing a screen along with having a conversation with a Click IT representative.
3. START-UP REVIEW - Together, we conduct a Startup Review, during which we inspect the costs and commitments necessary in renting an appropriate commercial realty space to opening your Click IT store. This discussion can be conducted simply over a phone call, with possibly the aid of screen-sharing.
4. DAY-IN-THE-LIFE - Soon enough, you will go through a Day-in-the-Life of a Click IT store owner and operator, which is a review of the daily tasks and work typically fulfilled at a Click IT store. A Day-in-the-Life call is hosted by our Operations Manager.
5. DOCUMENT INTRODUCTION - After the above steps are completed, it will be time to conduct a review of the franchise legal documents, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), and the Franchise Agreement (FA). This review will be hosted by A.L. Harlow, our Founder, and President.
6. DOCUMENTS REVISITED - We will next reconvene when you're ready for another session with A.L. Harlow after you have had the necessary time to review the FDD and FA with any advisors you care to consult with. They are also welcome to join us during this meeting, which will incorporate screen sharing.
7. DISCOVERY DAY - Finally, you will be invited to our Discovery Day, during which you will walk through a running and humming Click IT store. You will be able to listen in on our discussions with Click IT customers, participate in a general overview and discussion by our Executives, have lunch with our team, and enrich your sense of the Click IT brand and the local IT services business. In all, you will solidify your understanding of what an operative Click IT store looks like.