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30-Day Candidacy & Entrepreneur Training Program

Welcome to our Candidacy & Entrepreneur Training Program

Click IT's Depository of Confidential Information for our Enrolled Franchise Candidates


We're thrilled to share our business model and offer a sound opportunity to qualified candidates.  Our success as Click IT franchise is dependent on the success of our owners. This portal is designed to provide candidates with entrepreneurial with the necessary training paired with a comprehensive coaching and mentorship program to accepted candidates. The purpose is to enable them to learn how to build a local IT department in their own community and achieve a vision of a future filled with wealth and happiness. If you're new to Click IT, we recommend starting by reviewing our introduction booklet.

At Click IT, we take vetting our candidates very seriously. We must ensure a good fit is based on their interests, skill set, and enthusiasm, among other factors. Our proprietary Candidacy Program allows us to thoroughly assess candidates and work together to ensure a successful partnership. If owning a Click IT store is the chosen path for you, start by completing these tasks: 1) Complete and submit our Request for Consideration form. 2) Schedule a Get Acquainted call with our Founder to confirm a potential fit. 3) Complete our Personality Traits Test. 4) Register as a member of this portal on the Registration page. 5) Sign and submit our Franchise-Investigator-Confidentiality Agreement. You'll be notified by email if you are accepted into our Candidacy Program. Please allow us 24 to 48 hours before we're able to notify you.

As a franchise candidate and member of this portal, you'll have access to our proprietary information, which is designed to teach you how our business model can achieve massive results unmatched in the IT services business. You have access to information quickly which is also designed for you to  get to know us better. The process of building a valuable business takes hard work, but our proven systems and guidance from experienced people make this process an invaluable first step onto your path to success. Being a member of this portal helps to ensure you won't waste your valuable time and money on things that don't work or things you don't understand.

We believe you’ve gotten lucky to have discovered Click IT because not other system can give you the degree of help as we do in your pursuit of success and prosperity. To get answers to many of your questions and learn more about our franchise candidacy program, start by reading the steps necessary to move forward.

Click IT Franchise Training Enrollment

 Our Candidacy & Entrepreneur Training Program is Proprietary

To enroll, simply click the Register button below and fill out the information to join our exciting program. In this program, you will learn all you need to know to be a successful candidate and soon-to-be owner of your very own Click IT store with an awarded and exclusive territory. In this portal, we share confidential information about our franchise and your business opportunities.

After registering, you must confirm your email to gain access and enroll at Level Tier 1. There are five levels you move up to as you complete specific tasks, all the way up to an awarded owner.

Begin your journey today by registering, and see what's inside this secure and private members' portal.

Our Proprietary Candidacy Program Summary

This members' portal is our collaborative way for us to share private information with our members concerning our franchise stores division at Click IT. Invited franchise candidates get access to private and secure information about the Click IT. This portal has also been developed to get to know our members in an organized and memorable fashion.

To enroll and begin our Franchisee Candidacy Process please complete these initial steps in no particular order:

Is business ownership a good idea for you?

Find out fast if you would be a successful business owner by taking the Personality Traits Test.  This will help you determine if you're the type of person we believe would do well as an owner of a technically geared business.

Learn more about our franchise candidacy program and how this membership portal helps facilitate the process of becoming a franchisee: Click Here. Or if you're hesitant to jump in, attend our free Webinar: Learn More.