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How We Help You Find Your Ideal Click IT Store Location


Level 2 Access Required

Some information on this page may require Level 2 access. To be granted LEVEL 2 access, you must complete, sign, and return the Confidentiality Agreement.

At Click IT, we recognize the profound impact that the choice of store location has on a franchise owner's financial future. Many franchisors underestimate this critical aspect, but at Click IT, we place it at the forefront of our priorities. We understand that the economic characteristics of a real estate location are vital; they can determine the success or failure of our franchisees, significantly influencing their revenue and profitability.

To address this, we have established a dedicated division focused on assisting our franchise owners in finding the most advantageous locations for their Click IT stores. Our realty experts are well-versed in the intricacies of franchising, and they know that location is paramount. We are committed to providing expert guidance and direction to our new franchise owners, helping them make informed decisions about where to establish their Click IT store.

Historically, statistics have shown that even outstanding franchise owners can struggle if they open their store in a less-than-ideal location. They may incur excessive startup costs, face exorbitant rent prices, and potentially experience financial instability. This not only jeopardizes their individual success but could also threaten the vitality of the entire franchise system. At Click IT, we are proactive in preventing such outcomes, and our Commercial Leasing division is a testament to that commitment.

Understanding the high-level strategies, critical information, and factual data required to pinpoint the perfect store location is crucial. The initial phases of this process are particularly vital, necessitating a collaborative and committed effort between the franchise owner, Click IT personnel, and any qualified third parties we might engage to fulfill specific needs.

It is important to highlight that franchise real estate is a specialized field, distinct from general commercial real estate. The enhancements and efficiencies that our process brings to franchise real estate become evident as a new franchise owner progresses through our well-established procedure.

Please note that access to our Commercial Leasing division and the invaluable assistance it provides is exclusively available to those who have taken the decisive step of becoming a Click IT franchise owner, having signed a franchise agreement. This ensures that our resources are strategically allocated, helping those who are fully committed to the success of their Click IT store, and, ultimately, the prosperity of the entire Click IT franchise system.

FRANCHISE OWNERS ONLY & Territorial First Option Candidates ONLY are allowed access to the information below.