Preparatory Program

Business-Owners Beginners Support Before Beginning Your Click IT Franchise Journey

Overview of the Preparatory Program

We now offer a Preparatory Program for aspiring business owners who may not meet all the requirements for a Click IT franchise but possess sufficient skills that suggest they could become qualified over time.

Once you join our Preparatory Program, you will retain all the privileges of a member of this portal. Additionally, we will provide extensive support to assist you in achieving the qualifications necessary to be awarded a territory and Click IT franchise ownership. This program will concentrate on enhancing your credit score and aiding you in crafting a business plan that will appeal to funding sources. We will also explore securing an ideal store location and developing accurate financial projections. While our candidacy program is self-directed, our Preparatory Program offers personalized support for any concerns you may have.

Click IT Franchise Preparatory Program Overview

The Click IT Franchise Preparatory Program supports driven and talented individuals who lack the financial credentials to own a Click IT store. The program focuses on enhancing their credit score, crafting a robust business plan, and grooming them for future franchise ownership. It is an all-encompassing initiative that provides aspiring franchisees with the necessary financial knowledge and business planning expertise to thrive as franchise owners. With dedicated mentorship and access to essential resources, participants are positioned to realize their business aspirations and fulfill Click IT's franchise requirements, potentially earning them the opportunity to establish a Click IT store in their preferred location.


The Click IT Franchise Preparatory Program is designed to support motivated and skilled individuals who do not currently meet the financial qualifications to become a Click IT store owner. This program aims to improve their credit rating, develop a solid business plan, and prepare them for potential franchise ownership.

Program Components

1. Credit Score Improvement:

  • Personalized Financial Coaching: Each participant will receive personalized coaching to help raise their credit score to 680 or above.
  • Tools and Resources: We will provide access to financial tools and resources that enable participants to monitor and improve their credit scores.
  • Action Plan: Development of a step-by-step action plan tailored to each participant’s financial situation.

2. Business Plan Development:

  • Financial Projections: Assistance in creating detailed financial projections to support the business plan.
  • Business Strategy: Guidance in crafting a comprehensive business plan that outlines the operational, marketing, and financial strategies for the proposed Click IT store.
  • Review and Feedback: Regular reviews and feedback sessions with our experienced team to refine the business plan.

3. Weekly Coaching Sessions:

  • Executive Staff Interaction: Participants will have a minimum of one hour per week in coaching sessions with Click IT’s executive staff members, including legal, sales, and management professionals.
  • Progress Tracking: Ongoing tracking of progress and adjustments to the coaching plan as needed.

4. Introductions to Resources and Networks:

  • Networking Opportunities: Introductions to resources and individuals who can assist in achieving business ownership.
  • Access to Experts: Consultations with legal professionals, financial advisors, and business mentors.

Program Cost

  • The retail cost for the preparatory program is $6,500, payable before the commencement of services. Discounts from any coupons offered are allowable.

Terms and Conditions

  • Duration: Services will be provided between the agreed dates during normal business hours, utilizing online tools and personal attendance at Click IT’s headquarters as necessary. No program will last more than six months.
  • Acknowledgements:
    • This program is not an agreement for the sale of a franchise.
    • No refunds will be given if the participant fails to complete the program within the specified timeframe.
    • Completion of the program does not guarantee the awarding of a franchise or any financing.
    • Participants must independently qualify for a franchise upon completion of the program.

Contract Agreement Highlights

  • The agreement clearly outlines the services provided, the responsibilities of the participant, and the terms of the program.
  • The participant acknowledges that there are no guarantees for a franchise award, loan approvals, or credit score improvements as these decisions are outside the control of Click IT.


The Click IT Franchise Preparatory Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to equip potential franchisees with the financial acumen and business planning skills necessary for successful franchise ownership. Through dedicated coaching and access to valuable resources, participants will be better positioned to achieve their entrepreneurial goals and meet Click IT’s franchise qualification standards.

Additional Terms and Conditions

For more details, please visit Click IT Legal Terms.


Note: You must be invited to enroll in this program. If you have received an invitation and are ready to start your preparatory program with Click IT by Motherboard, utilize the form provided below or access it directly here. Then, visit our payment page to make the fee payment via credit card, or complete our secure form here.


Open form below, and email the signed form to [email protected], or contact your Click IT representative, who can send the filled-out form to you using Adobe Sign.

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