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Qualifications & Our Ideal Candidate

Click IT has set minimum requirements to ensure that all our franchisees are qualified in terms of personal finances and professional experience. This is because the success and/or failure of our franchisees directly affects our business reputation, brand, and bottom line.


The following qualifications are taken into consideration:

  1. Credit score: a score of 680 or higher is ideal; check your credit score for free here.
  2. Net worth:  $150,000 minimum, although we prefer much higher.
  3. Cash on hand: $50,000 - You need to have enough cash on hand to either cover the franchise costs or cover a down payment if financing the purchase.
  4. Outside income: Ideally, you should have other forms of income or resources to help with living expenses while you get the franchise off the ground. Our plans include working capital although it is always best to plan, worst-case.
  5. Industry experience: We do not require business or industry-related experience, but we are typically more confident if you do have relevant experience. The personality traits we look for are shown below.
  6. Management experience: As a franchisee, you will be primarily responsible for leading a team and managing a business. The lack of management experience doesn't mean you won't succeed by any means. However, we will discuss all aspects of your background and recommend additional training as needed, once you enter our franchise candidate program.

We also typically look for the following franchisee demographics:

  • Between 35 and 55 years old
  • Have an average income of $60,000 or higher
  • Prefer a net worth of $150,000 or higher
  • Have management experience
  • Have an individual retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) retirement plan

See industry information here.

Personality Traits we Feel are Most Important

Do Most of the Personality Traits Listed Below Describe You Well?

As we move through our daily lives, we develop our personalities based on our interactions with our environment. Not everyone will fit all the traits (listed below) we are striving to find when vetting our franchise candidates, so don't worry if many of the traits don't quite describe you. Over the course of our lifetimes, we evolve into becoming us, but everyone is different. Even our voices are unique but each identifiable. So as an example, while the word "aggressive" may not quite describe you in your own mind, there could be a degree of this inside your being that comes out, for instance, in a fight or flight situation. The point is, if you can describe yourself with at least 60% of these traits in a positive manner, then you are someone we want to speak with, so fill out our initial application simply by registering. But first, Take the Test!

Here are the personality traits we look for in our search for our ideal franchise owners:

  • Self-Motivating
  • Goal-Oriented Achiever
  • Passionate about helping others
  • Seeks an active role in the business
  • Experienced leader - Can manage people
  • A good listener
  • Ability to manage clients and develop business
  • Honest, trustworthy and very loyal
  • People-oriented (likes being around and helping people)
  • Hard-working to a fault
  • Not afraid to learn new things
  • A sponge for learning new things
  • Willing to experiment, but methodical and analytical in their approach
  • Can easily learn from a book or video and follow instructions
  • Entrepreneurial (which explains a lot of these traits)
  • Understands people and their motivations
  • Is well-liked
  • Likes solving problems
  • Is the "go-to" person
  • Understands process selling
  • College-educated with a degree
  • Enthusiastic & friendly
  • Glass half-full mentality
  • Positive frame-of-mind
  • Well-dressed, and groomed
  • Well-spoken
  • "Smarter than the average bear" (as Yogi Bear would say)
  • Believes that technology is a good thing and hugely beneficial
  • Is a gadget-guy or girl
  • Is mechanically-inclined
  • Has a friendly and likable disposition
  • Thoughtful and well-read
  • A quick-study
  • Proactive
  • Sales-oriented
  • Aggressive when needed
  • Patient and a good teacher
  • Hungry - a “go-getter”
  • Strong-willed and determined

It takes a wide range of skills to run a successful business. You need to wear a lot of hats! Everything from being the visionary to a manager to the salesperson to a cheerleader; the most important traits and skills that must be embodied in top entrepreneurs to achieve startup success is in itself a challenge to get at.

So, if you're interested in learning more about the most important traits and skills that must be embodied in top entrepreneurs to achieve startup success, you can also take this independent quiz as well: Click Here.

To learn more about the steps necessary to take in order to become a Click IT franchise owner, CLICK HERE.