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Why Click IT is Better and Different

We Are the ONLY Retail MSP Franchise

Doing Managed Provider Services from a Retail Store Setting

We have productized our services so franchise owners can easily sell and service complex MSP solutions. Our unique market position of local recognition sets us apart and earns our franchise owners' walk-in business with less work. A Click IT store is your "Local IT Department."

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Company store personnel in 2018

Click IT is a comprehensive IT solutions franchise that offers more than just computer repair services. We provide managed computer services and support, new computer sales, and repair solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Our company store, which has been operational since 2012, has been successful in providing amazing recurring revenue models to our clients.

We emphasize making technology work better for home and business owners. We aim to decrease their stress, reduce expenses, and improve the bottom line by offering a hybrid IT management approach that is more affordable than any competitor. Our subscription rates allow customers to budget effectively and reduce IT expenses in the long run.

Wide Market with Low Competition At Click IT, we offer IT services and support to small businesses, which is an underserved market with few competitors. Our comprehensive IT solutions are affordable and accessible to small businesses, enabling them to enjoy the same IT support as large corporations. Our company store serves as a trusted business advisor and consultant to hundreds of clients, ensuring they never have to go alone.

Click IT is an emerging franchise that equips new franchise owners with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. We have strong relationships with best-in-class technology suppliers, enabling us to provide powerful tools to our franchise owners.

Invest in Your Future with Click IT Our franchise opportunity is perfect for anyone who wants to make a smart investment in their future. We offer comprehensive training and support to ensure that our franchise owners are fully equipped to provide the best IT solutions to their clients. We empower our franchise owners with the right tools to grow their businesses sustainably, enabling them to take advantage of the growing need for outsourced IT management.

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Most Offered

  1. A successful and proven business model, operating since 2012.
  2. An unheard-of payback in two years is very possible and expected.
  3. Assistance with site selection*.
  4. Store build-out and set-up assistance. (Franchise owners can purchase all your build-out items from us, at our online store at
  5. Third-party financial assistance is available.
  6. More help to make the dream of owning a thriving business come true faster.
  7. Franchise stores open and ramp up quickly.
  8. Our owners' investment dollars are in good hands by experienced entrepreneurs.
  9. The products and services supplied will always be needed.
  10. An essential business, our franchisees are mostly insulated from fluctuating markets and their stores will remain resilient, even in times of recession. Commercial businesses will continue to rely on Click IT to service them, even in the most challenging of times.

Better Marketing

  1. A unique concept in having a physical retail store presence servicing customers where they come to Click IT.
  2. More products, services, and solutions to sell so our franchise stores never miss an opportunity. No other retailer offers all these types of products and services in one place, in a retail setting, making Click IT a solution destination for customers.
  3. Twelve Internet websites are locally branded and included with our franchise, with an advertising & marketing portal to guide and assist franchisees. (See
  4. The retail store also serves as a marketing showcase, attracting more business with less need to spend money on advertising.
  5. Less dependency on advertising budgets to build buzz with more focus on establishing a stellar reputation with best-in-class IT services.

Stronger Revenue

  1. Emphasis on recurring revenue from a base of clients who buy multiple services.
  2. High closing ratios - customers come to buy and are willing to spend.
  3. Multiple revenue streams with subscriptions to a myriad of many services.
  4. Franchisees provide all the same basic repair services, but do so for both residential and commercial accounts, while also selling and setting up computers, laptops, tablets, networks, and servers.
  5. Learning how to retain customers, turning them into ongoing clients, is accomplished easily through Click IT intense training and available resources gained in operating our own store since 2012.

Most Support

  1. Our responsive and attentive team makes sure franchise owners get everything possible to help them succeed in their new role as business owners.
  2. An unwavering commitment to helping our franchise owners build their business at their locations.
  3. A comprehensive training program that teaches franchise owners every aspect of running your Click IT store.
  4. Continued support for accounting, marketing, training, customer service support, business-to-business development, and more.
  5. Franchisees receive all the tools, training, connections, and resources needed to succeed.
  6. Our franchisees are never alone, with the use of this members' portal coupled with 40 hours of training and then ongoing support that extends from the build-out of the Click IT store, through the store's opening, and then far beyond.

Better Systems

  1. Our software and supply-chain logistics are second to none in our industry, with the strongest network of knowledgeable partners.
  2. Franchise owners easily fulfill subscriptions by using a simple-to-use back-end administrative system.
  3. Our back-end is used to serve customers and is our “secret sauce”. We give franchise owners all the tools necessary to easily service and supply their customers with the best-in-class.
  4. Our well-established systems will help maximize a Click IT store’s full potential and support you throughout the ownership experience.

Real Estate Services

*We provide full assistance in site selection and development. It is our franchise owners' lease and build-out, but Click IT works with realty professionals with tons of experience to identify markets, help negotiate the leases, and guide our franchise owners through every step of the construction and ramp-up for every new location opened.

Ideal Candidate

Having extensive experience in the IT industry is not necessary to be successful as a Click IT store owner, but we look for franchise candidates to have an interest in technology and an understanding of its value. Click IT is a good fit when one is comfortable networking and building relationships, passionate about being a business owner, and wants to take control of their own destiny. If you have ever worried about being fired or laid off, Click IT core values include giving people who have overcome adversity in the business world the ability to assert more control over their lives and build a legacy they can be proud of. Our ideal candidate is dedicated to offering solutions to customers’ needs. They possess exceptional customer service skills, coupled with a passion for learning and a desire to evolve their business by keeping pace with changing technology. A commercial sales background is also a plus, but no previous industry experience is necessary. Our proven business model includes teaching our franchisees everything they need to know. Click Ideal Candidate for more information.