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What Franchise Owners Get

Over 12 Search-Optimized Websites to Capture Your Local Markets PLUS:

  • 40 hours of classroom and on-the-job training at Click IT's company store
  • An Operations Manual with all the store's operating instructions
  • Systems to Run Your Business
  • On-going, pro-active support
  • Normal Business Hours
  • Highest Earnings Potential
  • The most IT products & services
  • A High-Growth Marketplace
  • Best-in-Class Products & Services
  • Over 12 Categories to Sell
  • High Demand, Low Cost
  • Over 12 Websites that Bring In Customers!
  • A Web Services Backend Portal
  • In-Demand Offerings at Lower Costs
  • A Proven Business Model & Systems
  • Needed Categories Easy to Provide
    • Simply click on the category to go to a website specifically designed to attract new business.

So much ability in products, services and solutions translates to more opportunities for profit to the bottom line.

Our Franchisees don't have to be nerds in order to provide all our products, services, and solutions.


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