Introducing Our Franchise Candidacy Program Managed by this Portal

Our Click IT Franchise Members’ Portal empowers our valued candidates to stay informed and connect easily and securely with our candidacy and onboarding process as we grow our franchise network. This portal is filled with useful information, available simply by logging in once registered and approved for membership. The steps a candidate is asked to…

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a Click IT Store?

__________________________________________ Register in order to see more information only revealed below to logged-in members. LEVEL 3 Members are allowed access to our detailed information, including the accounting of the costs to open a Click IT Store. If you see nothing further in the information or links below this notice, please finish the enrollment requirements for…

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Why You Don’t Have to be a Techie to Own a Click IT Franchise

Chris Greeting Customers in POS Room at Click IT

I recently read an article in CIO Magazine that discusses how one organization leader was able to redefine his IT department and make it more focused. They came up with 30 titles, down from 183 out of 250 employees. It made me realize that what we have done at Click IT is closely related, where…

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