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Chagrin Falls, Ohio - Headquarters

Before Your Visit, Learn What's Nearby

Below is a map showing what's around our headquarters located in the Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The shaded circle indicates a 5-mile radius. Click on any category to reveal on the map what's nearby. We're just 30 minutes by car from Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (for you music-lovers). To get directions if arriving by car, click here.

If you are arriving by plane, our headquarters store is a 43-minute drive (26.7 miles) from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and 54 minutes from the Akron-Canton Airport. Private commuter airports are also in our area. Click here for a map.

Click on the Demographics button above to pop up a window revealing the total residential and business populations, plus additional useful statistical and graphical data about the area surrounding our headquarter. To learn more about how Click IT franchise determines the best areas to locate a new store, click here.

This map displays nearby locations for a selected category, marking the closest ones to your central point with green circular clusters on a shaded map area. Zoom in to disperse these clusters for a clearer view. If there are over 20 locations found, click the More link to view all results at the current zoom level in Google Maps.

Radius: 8.06 kilometers / 5 miles

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