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Funding is one of the most important components in buying a franchise. Our financial consultants offer comprehensive suites of funding options covering nearly every type of business situation.  In working with a financial consultant, you'll find that they provide innovative solutions and the newest funding options. A consultant can provide a capitalization strategy designed, for example, to mitigate or eliminate taxes due when the sale of a business occurs.  Our funding partners can also offer securities-backed lines of credit and affordable equipment leasing.
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  • Click IT is a Franchise Registry Verified SBA Member

    Click IT is a Franchise Registry Verified SBA Member

    Click IT has been pre-qualified by the Franchise Registry so that the funding process through using an SBA-approved lender goes smoothly.

SBA Number: S4135

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You have many options when looking for funding for your new business. We suggest that you explore every opportunity and make your decision based on what you determine to be your best option. For instance, be sure to speak with your local bank with who you may already have a banking relationship with, to explore what they may offer. There are also other vehicles for SBA lending you can find and explore on your own. For instance, see We suggest that you leave no stone unturned.

Also, here is a listing of other resources:

Click IT has Partnered with Finance Experts to Help Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurial Journey!

We have several funding partners, and if you complete our Business Loans Application Form (Click the Green Button), we will make the introduction for you and put you in direct touch with the best broker we feel is best suited to your particular financial situation.

Did you know?

Our finance partners have available the most successful

SBA Loan departments in the industry:

$150+ Million

secured in SBA loan approvals

for our franchise candidates

97% loan approval rate

Options and Sources of Funds Are More Easily Made Available Through a Broker

Pre-Qualifying for funding will determine how much and what sources and options are available to you for funding your new business. In using one of our approved brokers, you'll have help in navigating all the choices available and receive faster access to funding sources, allowing you to open your new business sooner.

You can also find more funding resources available in the Greater Cleveland Area by clicking here.

Disclaimer detail for the chart:

*Exclusions apply.  Please consult with our funding experts for full details.

**SBA Loan Money-Back Fee Guarantee: If Benetrends accepts your application for processing, we guarantee your application will be approved or we refund 100% of our fee.

***Once approved, a financial package will be needed for verification.

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