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How We Help You Find Your Ideal Click IT Store Location


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At Click IT, we understand that making the right selection of a store location has a direct effect on the Franchise owner's financial future.

Very few Franchisors identify this importance until it’s too late, if ever. At Click IT, we believe that the Real Estate Locations and their economic qualities are not only the heartbeats of life and death for our franchisees but are the single biggest contribution to revenue and profitability.

Therefore, we have a division dedicated to finding our franchisees the most ideal location for their Click Stores. Our realty experts know and understand that the most important aspect of franchising is location. With expert assistance, we will guide and direct our new franchise owners so that they make the right selection of where to locate their Click IT store.

Statistics show that even great Franchise owners who end up opening in poor locations will overspend in their startup stage. They then will operate for years paying too high a rent, and the result can ultimately be their failure and worst yet, the slow death of the Franchise system as a whole. At Click IT, we decided to not let this be our fate by operating this Commercial Leasing division.

There are high-level strategic understandings, critical and factual information that is needed in order to find the best new store location. The beginning phases are critical and require a committed working effort between a franchise owner and Click IT personnel, or any third party we deem qualified to address any need.

Franchise real estate is a completely different discipline than commercial real estate. The process improvements in franchise real estate will become apparent as a new franchise is brought through our developed process.

To find the perfect space for your new Click IT store, we use many available web portals.

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