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Why Click IT Is Now the #1 IT Franchise Today

2018 Store Revenue Comparision with Other IT Franchises' Avg. Sales
Click IT Surpassed 50% of The Ones We've Looked At
2018 Net Profit Margin Comparision with Other I.T. Franchises
Click IT Made More Money Per Dollar Spent Than Every One Of Them!*
Customer Satisfaction
Highest Margins / Most To Offer

Just "Pick-It and Click-It"

Our PLATFORM is “Our Secret Sauce”

Click IT was given an "A"!

Click IT was given an "A"!

Our company store operates at higher margins in a suburban community of just 56,000 residents. Just meet Chris! In operating our company store, he offers over 12 proprietary IT categories proven to earn better returns* while satisfying demands 96.7% of people. Plus, Click IT delivers all this IT through using 'Web Services'. This means that in order to deliver IT to customers, a franchise owner will just have to "pick-it, and click-it".

Click IT Websitedesign Click IT Hosting Click IT secure Click IT emarketing Click IT email Click IT computer Click IT phones Click IT MPS Click IT computer Click IT videos Click IT repairs Click IT help

Click IT Franchise Offers a Turn-key Business Opportunity

Be Like Chris!

Own a Click IT Franchise

Meet Chris, Chris runs our company store serving our small suburb community of under 60,000 inside a 5-mile radius (our territory) on the east side of Cleveland. He will teach you Click IT's "secret sauce" which includes a unique methodology to high and sustainable profits. Our platform of web services make owning and operating a Click IT store easy, so you don't have to be a "Techie". You'll meet Chris after you get started.

Now Available: All-Electric Van for Your New Franchise*

*One-year basic lease subject to the terms and conditions TBD.
Lunch and Learn at Click IT
Lunch and Learn at Click IT
Best in class since 2012
Already a Nerd In Your Own IT Business? If you are already a Geek who has clients and an on-going business, we can teach you how to propel it to new heights through using our techniques and business model which will create more recurring, steady and reliable revenue. Isn't it time you're able to take a vacation? We have a special program designed especially for you to enable you to do just that. So fill out this form so we can explore the possibilities together.

Earn Thousands of Satisfied Customers

*Click IT's Company Store's Net Profit Margin (EBITDA) was 25% after all fees. (See Top IT Franchises for comparison information with other I.T. franchises.)

Click IT is an SBA Franchise Registry Verified Member