Accelerated Support for Your Click IT Franchise Journey

Embarking on the journey as an enrolled Click IT Franchise Candidate is a pivotal moment, and opting for our comprehensive support ensures a streamlined process, particularly in securing the ideal store location and crafting precise financial projections. While our candidacy program is designed for self-navigation and task completion, we now offer a unique option for full assistance via our Territorial First Right of Refusal Agreement. To summarize this program's benefits:

  • With dedicated business coaching and state-of-the-art technology, the "Territorial First Option" helps streamline your journey, making the path to owning a territory less complicated and more efficient. Our experienced team is committed to putting you on the fast track to success, reducing the demands on your time, and simplifying the process.
  • Choosing the "Territorial First Option" means choosing a tailored, supportive approach to becoming a Click IT franchise owner. Embrace the journey with us by your side. We are here to ensure that every step you take is confident and informed. Trust in our process, and let us help you achieve your business goals. We won't disappoint.

Why Opt-in for this Support Program?

1. Prime Location Advantage: Gain exclusive access to prime locations within a broad area, ensuring you find the ideal spot for your Click IT store. Ultimately, when awarded, your selected location transforms into your protected territory within a 6-mile radius.

2. Personalized Coaching and Strategic Planning: Leverage one-on-one coaching for critical tasks such as location scouting, financial forecasting, and business planning—crucial elements for securing loans or raising capital. Our weekly screen-sharing sessions are designed for efficient progress and task completion.

Tailored Guidance for Success

Upon reaching level 3 in our Franchise Candidate Program, you unlock access to our Members Portal for a self-guided experience. Should you choose our support program, a dedicated business coach will be assigned to you, ensuring a focused and effective journey through each stage, from demographic analysis to funding options.

Investment Details and Perks

Enrollment in our support program requires signing our Territorial First Refusal Agreement and payment, which can be split up into two equal payments for easier management of your finances. Upon becoming an official owner and securing your territory, this entire amount is applied as a discount to your franchise fee, easing your initial financial commitment.

Extended Timeline for a Smooth Transition

Opting for this program additionally extends your candidacy period by 30 days, ensuring ample time to complete your Members Portal tasks. This extension and expert guidance ensure a swift yet thorough progression through the candidacy process.

Secure Your Spot and Get Started

Ready to reserve your area? Utilize the form provided below, or access it directly here. Then, visit our payment page to facilitate your reservation fee payment via credit card, or complete our secure form here.

Only LEVEL 3 and above Members are allowed access to the rest of the information provided on this page below. If you see nothing further in the information or links below this notice, please finish the enrollment requirements to get granted the access level required.