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Compatibility Meeting

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      • 1) Have had a conversation with our staff, and spoken to our President (Make an appointment here.);
      • 2) Have also had a conversation with our Operations Manager to learn about a day-in-the-life of a Click IT Store Manage. (Make an appointment here);
      • 3) Have completed our Advanced Application Form;
      • 4) Have been independently qualified for financing.
        • If you are working with a representative, please confer with them regarding the best avenue to take for finding financing.
        • To open a Click IT location, you need to have the minimum available liquid capital of $50,000 and be able to find funding up to the minimum estimated to open a store as revealed in our Franchise Disclosure Document.


Read This:

If you are a franchise candidate, it is up to you to be proactive in moving yourself through our vetting process. At Click IT, we want self-motivating owners in our franchise network, and frankly, how you move through this process tells us a lot about you. See Ideal Candidate.


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Please contact us with any questions, issues, or concerns.

These meetings are typically conducted one-on-one with our Founder and require that you complete the following before this can be scheduled: 1) First, you must pass the personality traits test, 2) Have a Get Acquainted phone conversation , 3) Sign and submit the non-disclosure form, 3) Send in our Request for Consideration form and get approval to enroll in our franchise candidates' program, and 4) register as a franchise candidate to gain access to this portal.