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Franchise Owner Support

The most important responsibility we have as a franchise is to support our franchise owners and thrive with their success. Below is an outline of all we offer to help our franchise, from our Operations Manual that can be referred to easily, to a dedicated Sales and Marketing Web Portal completely dedicated to assisting our franchise owners to grow their businesses fast. Our assistance is unsurpassed. This is a promise we give to all our franchise owners. Use the menu in this portal to gain access to these pages, or refer to our Operations Manual.

  1. Initial Training Program
  2. Leasehold Improvements
  3. Cost Of Furniture, Fixtures, Tools, Etc.
  4. Logo Apparel and Promotional Items
  5. Floor Plan
  6. Order Build-Out Items, Apparel And More
  7. Personnel Advisory
  8. Marketing Click IT 101
  9. What An IT Department Does
  10. Industries We Served
  11. Key-Customer Criteria
  12. Shop Discount Codes
  13. Keyword List
  14. Lead Generators
  15. Best Year Yet
  16. Events At Headquarters
  17. Marketing Avenues
  18. Click IT Prospecting Tools