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Floor Plan & Build-Out Information

Your space for a Click IT store can be as small as 750 square feet, and as large as 1,600 square feet. Larger than this would provide more room for private offices, a large conference area, or a training room, but if the square footage price is too high, we would advise against leasing such a large space.

Generally speaking, a space to house a Click IT store needs to be divided up into the following sections by building walls, as indicated in the drawing below. 1) Tech Workbench Area, 2) Front Entrance and Point-of-Sale (POS) Area, 3) Restroom and Supply Closet, 4) Learning Room and/or Conference Room, which doesn't necessarily need to be separated from the POS area, 5) Sales and Management Offices (optional, but good to have somewhere quiet, with privacy).

To help keep your build-out expenses low, and so you may not be required to file for a building permit, here is a suggestion:

Floor Plan

  1. If walls don't already exist, you can build what we refer to as "three-quarter" walls, which are walls that don't connect with the ceiling above. These types of walls can also be easily removed with no damage to any of the interior when built by a carpenter who understands the objectives. Below is a photo of the wall which was built at the Parma store to separate the front entrance and POSarea from the tech area.
Example of a Three-Quarter Wall built at Hailey, Idaho store.
Click IT Parma with Marketing Team
POS Area for greeting customers

2. The walls don’t need electricity (although it would be nice to have it if permitted). Three-quarter high walls like this have been built in other Click IT store spaces (in Parma and Hailey), and they have worked out well. with the idea that you won’t need to get any permits, hopefully. You must check your local government's regulations to know for sure if this tactic would be permissible. Also, be aware that building three-quarter walls are not as good as a sound barrier as walls that attach to the ceiling.

At the bare minimum, you absolutely need a wall behind the Point of Sales counter.

POS Counter

To learn about the POS Counter, click here

Workbenches in Tech Area

To learn about the Work Benches needed in the Tech Area, click here

Build-out items, signage, and other necessary equipment for your store, including appeal, are found here: