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The workbench is an essential workspace for a Click IT store. This is where your techs will conduct all repair work, cleanings, set-ups, and more. While we have found workbenches you can purchase, in our opinion, it may be better (and cheaper) if you built them yourself, or hired a carpenter to do it, as we did when building out our company store in 2012.

Shown are photos of our workbench at our company store, which will help in understanding how the workbench controls your workflow. Where each screen is mounted on the wall is a "workstation". Each workstation is numbered. Bins, which are used to store your customer's items that were checked in during the point-of-sales procedure, are stored underneath. Bins are color-coded and assigned to a station and a tech. Underneath the bench is a switch along with a router that is not connected to the company's intranet, but accesses the Internet independent of the local domain for security reasons. This is especially important to prevent malware from evading the company network.

If you want to have your workbench custom-built as we had done, below are links to the Sketchup designs.

  1. Long Workbench 1 - Sketchup file
  2. Long Workbench 2 - Sketchup file

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there are many carpenters who will tell you how to build a workbench on YouTube. See for example the video below.

Build Your Workbenches

You can also purchase plans such as the one we have provided you with below. Because of spaces being very different, you're going to find that the best bench for your store is one you have added your personal touch to.

Below are some workbench plans, which can be modified to fit your particular store layout.

Purchase Your Workbenches

You can purchase your workbenches as well. Below are links to workbenches we approve of at Click IT.