POS Checkout Counter

Build-out of the POS counter at Click IT in Hailey, Idaho

At our corporate store, we built a counter for the point-of-sale (POS) area where customers are checked out. The material cost in 2012 was around $300, as recalled by Robbie Harlow, who worked with Scott Mental, master carpenter, who designed and built it.

The materials are wood and metal. The facing is made of metal roofing found at our local Home Depot. The exact dimensions will be particular to your own store, depending on the space available and the layout you decide on. See Floor Plan.

Below are the design and photos. For the complete Sketchup design, click here. Give this design to your builder so your counter can be custom-built to fit your space. See also workbench designs for additional ideas.

You can elect to build your counter and workbenches or order them from an assortment of suppliers.

For all build-out items available from Click IT, see https://clickitstores.com/shop.