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Getting Acquainted

AL Harlow, Founder of Click IT

We understand that the overwhelming amount of noise and distractions surrounding owning a business can hinder individuals from making important decisions about their future. Many fall prey to the "shiny object syndrome" or allow themselves to be persuaded by others. We refuse to sell you on anything and advise against getting too caught up in other people's desires. Instead, we are interested in finding the perfect match between your goals and aspirations and our systems and model. Our selection process is designed to identify the best candidates who can follow instructions and complete all of our assignments. If you have been searching for a business model that excites you and makes you look forward to each day, look no further.

With over a decade of experience in the IT services industry and more than 40 years of entrepreneurship, I can confidently say that we have developed a systematic approach to helping our franchise owners succeed in their new Click IT business. This involves providing ample guidance to help locate and access resources with personalized coaching when and if needed. When it comes to purchasing a franchise and developing a new business, having someone you can trust as your coach who has been through it all and understands your situation is crucial. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible, and relying solely on someone else can lead to frustration.

Our solution is to provide this portal with access to all of the information necessary to get your new business off to a great start. It starts with fully understanding our business model and planning well.  Our team members are here to help. We work collaboratively to ensure that you are on the right track and making progress rather than just spinning your wheels and feeling stuck. At Click IT, transparency is highly valued, and we are committed to providing you with any information that we believe may be missing from our presentations while getting to know you better as you progress through the steps necessary to graduate as a fully prepared franchise candidate. We have included the following information to help you prepare for our initial meeting so that you can feel excited and confident that you have finally found an all-inclusive system that will guide you step by step toward your desired outcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Preparing for Your Click IT Franchise Phone Meeting: What to Expect and How to Be Ready

    1. If you have a phone call scheduled with our CEO and founder, AL Harlow, please take the time to read this page beforehand so that you can be prepared for the conversation. Our goal for this call is to establish mutual trust and determine whether we are a good fit for one another. At the end of the call, we will request permission to send you collateral and our "request for consideration form" to share with your friends and family. We will review the forms we receive during the week with our Executive Committee for preliminary approval. If approved, we will invite you into our proprietary discovery process, which begins with registering at our portal. This process is focused on value-matching to help establish a cooperative relationship and set mutual expectations. This first call is an opportunity to see if there is a good fit between you and Click IT's personnel. During the conversation, we will ask several questions to help us learn more about you and your goals, including:
      • Why did you express interest in Click IT? We hope to learn whether you are a profit or a passionate buyer and whether you have put serious thought into this decision. We are interested in learning more about what motivates and is most important to you.
      • Could you tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your future plans? We want to establish trust and build a rapport with you. We are interested in learning about your personal and professional goals, including your current situation and any major decisions you may need to make. This is not a job interview, so we do not need to discuss what employment laws allow or prohibit. We want to see if there is a match between what we offer and what you are looking for in terms of your goals, dreams, and aspirations.
      • Do you have a special interest in technology? We will explain some of the services that Click IT provides and ask if any of them pique your interest. We want to know what drives you and what makes you passionate.
      • How long have you been searching for a business opportunity? We want to know how serious you are about finding the right opportunity. We are not interested in wasting anyone's time, so we ask that you only proceed if you are genuinely interested in our franchise.
      • What is preventing you from finding the right opportunity? We want to understand any obstacles you may be facing so that we can determine if we are able to help.
      • If you found the right industry or concept and a good working relationship presented itself, how soon would you be ready to start? We want to develop a proactive, go-getter mindset in our franchisees.

      If we feel that there is a good match between your goals and aspirations and what we offer as a franchise business opportunity, we will explain more about Click IT and what sets us apart. We will then request permission to send you our collateral materials and "request for consideration form." This form will give us more information about you, and we will review it with our Executive Committee for preliminary approval. If approved, we will invite you to our proprietary discovery process, where we will cover topics such as concept compatibility, mutual expectations, startup, pre-FDD, post-FDD, and discovery day. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about purchasing a Click IT franchise territory and help you succeed as a new owner.

Exploring Click IT Franchise Ownership: Initial Conversation Questions and Candidacy Program Process

Discovering if Click IT is the Right Franchise Opportunity for You: Questions We May Ask and the Candidacy Program Process

If you're considering becoming a franchise owner with Click IT, here are some of the questions we may ask during our initial conversation to get to know you better:

  • What attracted you to Click IT?
  • Please describe yourself, your traits, your background, and how you imagine your future.
  • Do you have a special or genuine interest in any form of technology? Which one and why?
  • How long have you been sincerely looking for a business to dig your teeth into?
  • What is the most significant reason you have not found something for yourself?
  • What is your timeframe if you find the right industry or concept and the relationship presents itself?
  • Would you like me to share a little about what we do at Click IT?
  • Based on our conversation today, would you like to get more information on this?

We will explain how we do business as a corporation during our initial conversation. If you decide to apply to our Candidacy Program, you will be asked to complete these additional steps:

1) Take the Personality Traits Test.
2) Schedule a Get Acquainted Phone Conversation.
3) Sign & submit the Confidential Agreement.
4) Read the Intro Booklet.
5) Complete & submit our Request for Consideration form.

Once accepted into the program, we will review the following topics together:

  • Concept compatibility: This is where we share all the essential information about our franchise, including reviewing our company store’s performance and the expectations of our franchise network.
  • Mutual expectations: In this meeting, we review all that is expected from the franchise owner and us as the franchisor.
  • Start-up: We will go over the entire start-up process, from negotiating the lease to getting permits for the build-out to the grand opening ceremony for your Click IT store.
  • Pre-FDD: We will review our franchise disclosure document and highlight sections you should pay attention to when reading through it.
  • Post-FDD: We will answer any questions regarding the franchise disclosure document after you have read through it.
  • Discovery day: We will invite you to our corporate headquarters to see our company store fully operational.

You will also be required to 1) find a funding source and get preliminary approvals, 2) conduct and submit a demographic study to narrow down the territory selection to prepare for the location search, 2) provide an acceptable and believable financial projection, and 3) complete a written business plan.

If you're invited into our Territory Reservation Program, you will be provided with a business coach who will help you with the projections and write the business plan. Your business coach will also help with the introductions to funding sources and help with the demographic and location studies, the financial projections, and the written business plan.

Please note that when you enroll in our Candidacy Program, there is no cost or obligation other than to show up for the scheduled meetings, and you can back out at any time. We invest an extraordinary amount of time upfront with franchise candidates because we want nothing but their complete success. However, we reserve the right to unenroll any candidate from the Candidacy Program at any time without cause or explanation.

Start by Completing these Simple First Steps

    1. Take our Personality Traits Test.
    2. Register at our Members Portal, which is the place where we will begin the process of sharing our confidential information.
    3. Get a jump on financing your business by seeing if you qualify. We give you several choices, so click here to learn more.

You'll receive instructions as far as what to do next. Be sure to check your email spam box, so you don't miss anything.