We realize that a lot of noise and distractions regarding owning your own business can stifle one from making any decisions involving their future. Many get caught up in the "shiny object syndrome" or let themselves be "sold to." We will not sell you and warn you against getting too caught up in others' desires. We're more interested in finding a fit between your goals and aspirations and our systems and model. This is a selection process. We are looking for the best candidates to follow instructions and complete all our assignments. Having been in business for ourselves for over ten years in the IT services business, we have developed what we believe to be a very systematic way for our franchisees to become successful as new business owners, which encompasses a lot of guidance that is much needed when something so important is being acted upon. Therefore, we are as transparent as possible and provide you with the following information, including what questions we may ask you as you sort through all the possibilities involving your future and our own. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The Purpose of Our Getting Acquainted Phone Call

If you have scheduled a meeting with our Founder, Al Harlow, please read this page beforehand so that you are properly prepared.

Before we start sending anyone who has expressed interest in our franchise, we first would like to get acquainted. The main purpose is to establish mutual trust and decide if we can work together and commit to our process. At the end of the call, we will ask permission to send you collateral to share with your friends and family, and along with this brochure, will be our “request for consideration form.” If and when that form gets submitted, we will then sit down with our Executive Committee to review all the RFC forms we got during the week for preliminary approval. If approved, we will invite you into our proprietary discovery process, starting with registering at this portal. This is a value-matching process. We believe this will help shape an eager and cooperative relationship and set mutual expectations. You want to see if the chemistry is right, there is a fit between you and Click IT's personnel, and this first call will hopefully accomplish this.

Here's a list of the questions we like to ask during the conversation, which should prepare you for this critical conversation.

  1. What attracted you to Click IT? We hope to learn from your answer to this question whether you are a profit buyer or a passionate buyer. Whether you are a concept buyer and if you might be a lazy thinker. We expect to learn a lot from hearing your answer to this question
  2. Would you be so kind as to explain yourself, your background, and how you imagine your future? This question will help us build trust and comfort together. In our view, trust begins by being upfront and honest. We will ask you to explain your plans for both your personal and professional life. From this answer, we hope to learn what's most important in your life, if you're married or single and who else is engaged in making decisions. In engaging in a discussion at this level, it's important to know that this is not a job interview, so discussing what employment laws don't allow is irrelevant. We can ask and find out from you exactly what we need to know because the interview is to discover again if what Click IT offers is a match with your goals, dreams, and aspirations for the future. We hope to learn your approximate age, whether you're married or single, if you have children, whether you're employed or transitioning, your pain, your fear, and your self-confidence. Most people need to be coached through their fears. The first step is to build that trust so you understand if we decide that we can work well together and you have what we believe it will take to be a successful franchise owner, then we can start to invest the time required to move to the next steps.
  3. Do you have a special or genuine interest in any form of technology? We like to reference some of what Click IT stores provide, such as taking care of people’s IT in their communities. We will walk you through the question, guiding you into learning more about our services as best we can without leading you too much. Most of this information can easily be found on the Internet and in our brochures. Having reviewed what materials you've found on the internet, such as at https://clickitfranchise.com and https://clickitgroup.com, would be helpful. We would rather listen to you speak rather than our talk. This is not about us but about you! We will try not to explain anything about our services at this early stage because it will sound salezy and we come off as salespeople. Remember, this is a “getting to know you call.” Still, we may perhaps identify in our questions what's important to us in our franchise candidates. For instance, we may say, “Passion is one of the most important elements in our business, so we want to know what you’re most passionate about?”. We want to know what emotion or passion drives you because we want to match our business with people with similar passions.
  4. How long have you been sincerely looking for a business? Frankly, the shorter the time you've been looking, the better the indication is that you are more serious than someone we may regard as a "tire-kicker." Honestly, we are not interested in wasting anyone's time here and are respectful of this; so if you are seeking information to place in your collections jar, it may be okay for most, but it is not okay with us. The purpose again for this initial conversation is to see if there is a fit, but if you're comparing Click IT with all the other opportunities one is presented in this world, then we may decide to end the conversation there. However, with that said, everyone goes through the process of learning and deciding what they want to do with their life in their own way, and so somethings it's just a matter of not finding anything that's exciting enough that you can get passionate about. We only expect that you'll be moved enough during this conversation to go to the next step. Once you are enrolled in our candidacy program, if accepted, it'll still be like dating, where we may be engaged but not committed.
  5. What is the most significant reason you are prohibited from finding something for yourself? The magic word here is significant. We want to know why you haven't moved forward if you've examined and been given opportunities in the past.
  6. If you found the right industry or concept and the relationship presented itself, what is your timeframe to sink your teeth into a project? Our job is to develop a hunter. Not a gather. The phrase “sink your teeth into” signifies a hunter. At this point, we will be about 20 minutes into the call, so if we get this far into the conversation, we will then ask you permission to explain a little bit about what we do at Click IT, and what makes Click IT better and different, such as the fact we do small enterprise support. Then, if Click IT sounds like an opportunity you’d like to learn more about, we will tell you that we can mail them our collateral material that answers 90% of their questions along with a “request for consideration form.” Once we receive that form filled out, which essentially does not have any evasive questions by any means but gives us an idea about you that can then be shared with our executive committee, with whom we meet once a week to determine who we want to invite to our “proprietary discovery process.”
  7. Once we have invited them and they are enrolled, we will go through and cover the following topics:
    1. Concept compatibility,
    2. Mutual expectations,
    3. Startup,
    4. Pre-FDD,
    5. Post FDD,
    6. Discovery day.

If you Are a Potential Candidate to become a Franchise Owner, Below Are Questions We Might Ask During Our Initial Conversation:

    1. What attracted you to Click IT? 
    2. Would you please describe yourself, your traits, your background, and how you imagine your future? 
    3. Do you have a special or genuine interest in any form of technology? Which one and why?
    4. How long have you been sincerely looking for a business to dig your teeth into? 
    5. What is the most significant reason you have not found something for yourself? 
    6. What is your timeframe if you find the right industry or concept and the relationship presents itself? 
    7. Would you like me to share a little about what we do at Clickit? 
    8. Based on our conversation today, is this something you’d like to get more information on?
    9. We will then tell you how we do our business as a corporation.
    1. Once committed to our process and enrolled in our Candidacy Program, these are the topics about Click IT that we will review together before you can qualify to be an owner:
      1. Concept compatibility - This is where we reveal all the essential information about our franchise, including reviewing our company store’s performance and the expectation of our franchise network.
      2. Mutual expectations - in this meeting, we go over all that is expected from both the franchise owner and us as the franchisor.
      3. Start-up - We go over the entire start-up process, from negotiating the lease to getting permits for the build-out to the grand opening ceremony for your Click IT store.
      4. Pre-FDD - We review our franchise disclosure document and highlight sections you should pay attention to when reading through it. 
      5. Post FDD - We will answer any questions regarding the franchise disclosure document after you have read through it.
      6. Discovery day - where we invite you to our corporate headquarters and see our company store fully operational.

Note: When enrolled in our Candidacy Program, there is no cost or obligation other than to show up for the scheduled meetings, and you can back out at any time. We invest this amount of time upfront with our franchise candidates because we want to be sure that there is a complete understanding between us before either party commits. We also can unenroll you from the candidacy program at any time and without cause or explanation.

To get an early start on this enrollment process, you can complete the following steps:

    1. Take our Personality Traits Test.
    2. Register at our Members Portal, which is the place where we will begin the process of sharing our confidential information.
    3. Complete the Request for Consideration form.
    4. Get a jump on financing your business by seeing if you qualify. We give you several choices, so click here to learn more.